4 Kings Wraps

4k Cigars

4k Cigars ( 4 Kings) by Good Times is one of the most underrated brands of all time! Indeed, this all-American cigar producer is known for making superior-tasting cigarillos for the lowest price possible!

In fact, you can score a 15-pack box for under $15. Now, if that’s not affordable, then we don’t know what is! Each pack comes with 4 cigars, so you’ll get 60 rillos for one sweet price!

In addition to quality and affordability, 4k Cigars come in several flavors as well.

That’s right; you can choose from blueberry pineapple, diamond, French vanilla, green sweets, kiwi berry, mango, melon berry, Napa grape, platinum unsweet, raspberry tea, sour apple, sweet delicious, watermelon, watermelon grape, & white grape!

On that note, it’s clear to see that 4ks offers plenty of choices when it comes to flavor options! So if you’re looking to add a little flavor to your smoke life, then click the banner above or below and scoop a box(s) today and enjoy!