A Helpful Guide to Al Capone Cigars 

Without question, the Al Capone brand is deeply ingrained into the fabric of cigar smoking culture around the world. Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine life without them! 

Carefully manufactured in Denali, Honduras, these delicious cigars are impressive for a range of reasons. If you don’t already know, Al Capone is a famous gangster from the 1920s. Just like Al Capone, these little cigars are bold, smooth, and entirely unique in the world. Below are 5 reasons to try these delicious premium real-leaf wrapper cigarillos! 

1.) Premium Cigarillos From the Dannemann Company

Originally made by the Dannemann Company in Germany, Al Capone cigars have been popular for decades. Dannemann is also known for creating a range of exclusive full-size smokes and cigars including Moods cigarillos. 

As such, the makers of the Al Capone brand are experienced and capable of producing a quality product for an affordable price point. 

2.) Just the Right Size With Loads of Flavor

Al Capone cigars are a premium form of a mini cigar, often referred to as cigarillos. In measurement, they’re 3 1/8 inches with a 20-ring gauge. Then, these cigarillos come in a wide range of enticing flavors. 

Time and again, Al Capone cigars are an ideal choice for a relaxing and comfortable smoke break with loads of flavor and premium sweet undertones! Consequently, there’s something for everyone’s tastes and pallet. 

3.) Improved Hand-Rolled Cigarillo Design

Although these babies were originally stuffed and machine-rolled in Germany, Dannemann has relocated production and switched things up over the years. In the early 2000s, the production of Al Capone cigars moved to Nicaragua. 

Later, Dannemann switched to a hand-rolling method and relocated to Honduras. At this time, the Al Capone brand was changed not only its rolling style but also in its tobacco blend. Indeed, Dannemann started using a higher quality tobacco filler and real leaf wrappers. In continuation of the well-known name, these upgraded cigarillos are still named after Al Capone. 

4.) Fermented Air-Cured Bahai Real Leaf Wrappers 

Unlike the machine-rolled Al Capone cigars of the past, today’s premium Al Capone cigarillos are carefully handmade with a signature blend of superior short filler tobacco. So, if you haven’t tried one of the newer handmade Al Capone cigarillos from Honduras, you may be missing out. 

Although most other cigarillo brands use homogenized tobacco wrappers, Al Capone cigarillos are exquisite and different. To enhance their flavors and slow-burning capabilities, Al Capone cigarillos Implement genuine leaf wrappers. These 100% authentic Brazilian Bahai leaf wrappers are intricately air-cured and gently fermented for a taste like no other! 

5.) Pure and Distinctive Flavor Options

In addition to this, these real leaf wrappers are often infused with pure flavors for a distinctive and sweetly satisfying smoking experience. Plus, premium Al Capone cigarillos come in a range of mouth-watering flavor infusions including Rum, Sweets, and Jamaican Blaze. 

Try Al Capone Cigars Today

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