Avanti Cigars

Avanti Cigars have a long, rich history that stretches all the way back to 1901. However, it wasn’t until the roaring 20s that this legendary brand experienced nationwide recognition! Since then, this all-American-Italian brand has managed to stay alive and thrive in a market that is forever changing!

Furthermore, what makes this premium cigar brand stand out above others is its quality. Made with a natural blend of Kentucky dark-fired and dark air-cured tobacco, you can only expect an exceptional smoking experience every time! Plus, Avanti comes in several original flavors including cherry, anisette, vanilla, licorice, bourbon, and café mocha.

Lastly, all of the cigars that we recommend to our readers and fans ship nationwide from Newport, Kentucky! Also, our partner guarantees freshness as their tobacco and cigars are stored in a humidity and temperature-controlled facility, so you’ll never receive stale cigars in the mail. That said, pick up a box today and add some flavor and class to your smoke life, you’ll be glad you did. Enjoy!