Banana Backwoods

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Embrace the tropics with Banana Backwoods Cigars, an enticing combination of premium tobacco and the sweet, smooth flavor of ripe bananas. These unique cigars embody the innovation and quality craftsmanship that Backwoods is renowned for, offering a vibrant twist on the traditional cigar experience.

Each Banana Backwoods cigar is encased in a natural leaf wrapper, adding a bold depth of flavor to complement the rich blend of tobaccos within. The cigar’s core is where the magic happens, as the delectable banana flavor infuses the tobacco, resulting in a beautifully balanced, sweet, and full-bodied smoke that’s as surprising as it is satisfying.

Despite their luscious flavor profile, these cigars maintain the rustic charm and authenticity that Backwoods is known for. Packaged in a handy, resealable pouch, Banana Backwoods Cigars are perfect for savoring on the go, or for enjoying during a quiet moment of leisure.

Ordering Backwoods Cigars online from our Newport, Kentucky-based partner is simple and straightforward, with fast, reliable nationwide home delivery offered for ultimate convenience. As always, to purchase and receive these cigars, you must be aged 21 or over and reside within the United States. Experience the delightfully unconventional fusion of banana-infused tobacco with Banana Backwoods Cigars, and embark on a unique smoking journey that promises pleasure with every puff.