Discover Banana Backwoods Cigars Including Where To Buy Online In Bulk

Banana Backwoods is a rare and highly sought-after flavor of cigars produced by the iconic brand, Backwoods. Made with premium, all-natural Dominican tobacco; these cigars are aged to perfection, resulting in a unique and authentic flavor experience like no other. They were previously only available in Europe, but since launching in the US, they’ve become one of the most popular flavors of Backwoods in the country.

So, if you’re looking to try Banana Backwoods for yourself, you’ll want to act fast as supplies are limited. One option for finding these rare cigars is to check out Bluegrass Tobacco. Not only do they carry all flavors of Backwoods, including Banana, but they also have competitive prices and offer nationwide delivery to the United States and Puerto Rico. In fact, most deliveries in the continental 48 deliver in 2-3 business days!

Buy Banana Backwoods At Bluegrass And Save

In addition to its selection of Backwoods flavors; Bluegrass Tobacco also offers a wide range of other cigar brands and flavors at affordable prices as well. That said; if you’re a cigar enthusiast looking to expand your collection or try new flavors, be sure to check out what they have to offer. With its convenient shopping options and competitive prices, Bluegrass Tobacco is a great choice for anyone looking to purchase cigars, especially Backwoods!

Also, we’d like to remind you that this is a limited-edition flavor, so it may not be around for much longer! However, it did just become available in the US in 2022, so there’s a chance Banana Backwoods could be around for much longer, but who knows! Not to mention, they were once available in the US before, and then quickly after launching in the states, they were no longer available, only in Europe and Asia. Therefore, we recommend scooping up a few boxes today while supplies are still plentiful.

One last note, yes, Tobacco Blogger is an affiliate partner with Bluegrass Tobacco. Not only do we work closely and directly with this company, but we also recommend their products and services. Indeed, they offer top-notch customer service, and are always willing to help with orders and questions! Plus, all of their tobacco products including Banana Backwoods are stored in an advanced state-of-the-art facility in Newport, KY; so they guarantee freshness!

Finally, they’re a real tobacco store; you can visit them and buy from them in person, directly. That’s right; unlike every other online retailer, their doors are open to the public, and they love visitors! Visit Bluegrass Tobacco today and experience the difference! Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below! Thank you in advance!

Two More To Come After Banana Backwoods Launch

One last thought before we let you go, we think it’s highly likely that we’ll see another Backwoods flavor launch in the US soon! After the success of Banana Backwoods and Wild Rum in the United States; we’re almost certain to see Vanilla Backwoods or Grape Backwoods launch in 2023-24, we hope!

Currently, both grape and vanilla aren’t available in North America, but just like banana and wild rum flavors, we expect them anytime soon! The demand is definitely there, that’s for sure! Until then, you’ll have to catch a flight to Europe to get your hands on these two flavors! Or better yet, you can scoop up a box of these Banana Backwoods and subscribe to our blog, we’ll definitely let you know the first day these other flavors arrive! Word is bond.