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If you’re looking to save a ton of cash and smoke better at the same time, then you’re in the right place! Discover everything there’s to know about owning a cigarette rolling machine, including how much money and time you could save by purchasing one today! 

Based on our personal experience and practice, you can easily and quickly roll 20 cigarettes (1-pack) in under 5 minutes! So as for time, it’s not a factor, especially once you see how much money you could be saving with an electric cigarette rolling machine! That said, a 1lb (16oz) bag of American-grown cigarette pipe tobacco is enough to produce up to 600 premium, all-natural cigarettes! Boom! 

Based on those numbers above, which are 100% accurate, a 1lb bag of tobacco can make up to 3 cartons (30-packs) of cigarettes! Now, here’s the BIG Win… a 1-pound bag of pure American tobacco cost less than $15. Also, you’ll need filtered cigarette tubes, those will run you about $7 for 600 tubes. So for under $25 you can produce 600 cigarettes from home. Now, imagine how much money you could be saving by owning a cigarette rolling machine! It’s a lot of money!