Honey Backwoods

Honey Backwoods

Dive into the sweet sophistication of Honey Backwoods, where premium tobacco meets the comforting, smooth notes of pure honey. These expertly crafted cigars showcase the classic Backwoods rustic charm, enhanced by a subtly sweet undertone that promises to delight your senses.

Each cigar is meticulously wrapped in a natural leaf, resulting in a robust flavor that perfectly complements the inner blend. Inside, a harmony of finely selected tobacco is infused with the sweetness of honey, delivering a full-bodied yet smooth smoke. This delightful fusion of flavors offers a taste profile that is both unique and satisfying, perfect for those seeking a rich, yet subtly sweet smoking experience.

These cigars embrace the brand’s iconic ‘rough and ready’ aesthetic, packaged conveniently in a portable, resealable pouch that maintains freshness and makes them ideal for enjoyment anytime, anywhere.

Purchasing these Backwoods Cigars online from our Newport, Kentucky-based partner ensures a smooth shopping experience, followed by swift and dependable nationwide home delivery. Please remember, to order and receive this product, you must be aged 21 or over and reside within the United States. Enjoy the sweet serenity of quality smoke with these Honey Backwoods, where the rich aroma of premium tobacco blends effortlessly with the comforting sweetness of honey.