Original Backwoods

Original Backwoods

Experience the unadulterated, authentic taste of Original Backwoods Cigars, the embodiment of timeless tobacco tradition. These cigars are for purists who appreciate the classic, untamed flavor of fine tobacco delivered in Backwoods’ characteristic rustic style.

Each Original Backwoods cigar is carefully crafted in a natural leaf wrapper, providing a full-bodied, robust flavor that enhances the carefully selected blend of tobaccos within. The resulting smoke is rich, smooth, and satisfying, promising a fulfilling experience with every draw.

Embracing the ‘wild and free’ spirit of Backwoods, these cigars uphold the brand’s raw aesthetic, conveniently packaged in a portable, resealable pouch. Whether you’re on the move or unwinding in the comfort of your own space, Original Backwoods Cigars are the ideal companions for those precious moments of tranquility.

Purchasing Original Backwoods Cigars online from our Newport, Kentucky-based partner ensures an easy and efficient shopping experience, complete with fast, reliable nationwide home delivery.

Please remember, to purchase and receive these cigars, you must be aged 21 or over and reside within the United States. Immerse yourself in the uncomplicated pleasure of Original Backwoods Cigars, where the rich aroma and flavor of quality tobacco reign supreme.