A Full RYO Tobacco Guide

Below, we’ve created a list of the top three best rolling tobacco blends of 2023. Take a look and see if any of these delicious signature RYO blends sound like a good fit for you!

A Bit About Rolling Tobacco 

First, let’s go over what rolling tobacco actually is. The term rolling tobacco is used pretty loosely. Generally, any tobacco leaves that can be easily rolled up into a cigarette are considered rolling tobaccos. As such, this includes a wide range of pipe tobacco, loose-leaf variants, and short filler blends.

With that being said, the best rolling tobacco will usually be found for sale in large bags measuring anywhere from 6 to 16 oz. Another defining property of rolling tobacco is the somewhat dry and workable texture. Even though you want some amount of moisture, rolling tobacco shouldn’t be as wet as canned pipe tobacco. 

Rolling VS Pipe Tobacco 

Keep in mind, that many rolling tobacco blends are labeled as pipe tobacco. This is because they can easily be rehydrated and/or blended in a pipe bowl. On the other hand, some pipe tobacco blends will not work well for RYO applications. Especially, if you’re using an automatic rolling machine. 

As a rule, canned tobacco is usually designed for pipes. Alternatively, bagged tobacco works for RYO applications.  

What to Look For in RYO Tobacco 

Therefore, the best RYO tobacco will have an even and consistent cut, be relatively dry, easy to pinch and work with and come in a bag. Indeed, resealable tobacco bags help to lock in freshness, the right balance of moisture, and rich flavors. Consequently, you’ll get the best smoking experience down to the very last pinch!

Finally, rolling tobacco should be consistently shredded or ribbon cut so that you can easily use it in the hopper of an automatic rolling machine with filtered tubes. Also, this cut makes it easier to pinch and stuff into cigarette papers. 

ryo pipe tobacco

Best RYO Tobacco of 2023

Now, let’s look at the three most highly rated rolling tobacco options of 2022!

1.) OHM Tobacco

First and foremost, there’s the ever-popular OHM Tobacco brand. OHM tobacco is a fantastic option for a range of rolling applications. Whether you’re stuffing it in an automatic cigarette rolling machine or pinching it by hand, this delicately moist and flavorful tobacco is a fantastic choice! 

Without a doubt, OHM offers a wonderful Kentucky Burley tobacco taste for an affordable price. Ideal for home rolling applications, you’ll love its consistency as well! In addition to this, OHM tobacco comes in an extensive list of flavors including Bold, Extra Bold, Silver, Menthol, Natural, Turkish, Turkish Red, and Blue.

OHM Pipe Tobacco

2.) American Club Pipe Tobacco 

Next, up, there’s delicious and ever-flavorful American Club Pipe Tobacco. This brand works very well for a range of roll-your-own applications. Moreover, American Club pipe tobacco comes in a wide range of delicious styles. You can choose from flavored blends like vanilla, grape, cherry, mint, and many more! 

American Club Tobacco

3.) Nectar Pipe Tobacco

Lastly, there’s Nectar Pipe Tobacco. Nectar is a brand that will easily satisfy your cravings for full and pure tobacco flavors. Plus, this tobacco comes in three signature blends. These are Full Flavor, Gold, and Menthol. 

Nectar Pipe Tobacco

Try All Three Fresh and Flavorful Blends Today 

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