A Total Prince Albert Brand Guide 

Do you love the pure signature flavors of Prince Albert Tobacco? Or, perhaps you’re a fan of sweet and smooth Prince Albert cigars. Either way, you’ll definitely want to hear about the rich legacy and history of this iconic tobacco brand! 

Indeed, the history of Prince Albert tobacco is nearly as enticing and interesting as the flavor it offers! Below, we’ll cover everything that you could ever want to know about smooth and sweet prince Albert tobacco and the brand that makes it! 

Deep American Tobacco Roots 

As a legendary name with a longstanding legacy in the tobacco world, pretty much everyone is familiar with the Prince Albert brand. For over 100 years, Prince Albert products have been manufactured by the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. Indeed, since 1907, RJ Reynolds has been overseeing the production of Prince Albert cigars and pipe tobacco! 

However, before that, Prince Albert’s production was handled by none other than John Middleton Inc. As you probably already know, John Middleton Inc is responsible for creating Middleton Cherry Tobacco and thus, the entire Black & Mild product line. 

A Century of Popularity in America 

As such, it’s easy to see why Prince Albert is such a popular brand. Without question, Prince Albert is one of the most well-known independent cigar and pipe tobacco brands in the United States! In fact, back in the 1930s, Prince Albert was the second-largest moneymaker for the entire RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. 

Facts About This Tobacco

In addition to this, did you know that the Prince Albert Tobacco brand was named after King Edward VIII? Indeed, King Edward was actually known as Prince Albert before he was formally crowned. Better yet, he was also a personal acquaintance of RJ Reynolds himself!

That’s why on every package of Prince Albert cigars, there is a depiction of Prince Albert. Interestingly enough, the picture on the packaging was actually acquired by RJ Reynolds at a tea party with Mark Twain! Without a doubt, that’s some rich history to stuff in your pipe.

Prince Albert Tobacco Products

Today, Prince Albert Tobacco comes available in a range of forms. First, the Prince Albert brand makes pipe tobacco cigars that are carefully crafted with a blend of premium flavored Kentucky burley tobacco leaves. Indeed, these cigars are one of the brand’s top-selling products. 

Also, Prince Albert makes a range of flavorful and smooth pipe tobacco blends. These tobacco blends are known for having a velvety mouthfeel and a delicately sweet profile. Prince Albert pipe tobacco is available in 1 1/2 oz pouches and 14 oz tins. 

Other popular Prince Albert products include Prince Albert Soft Cherry Vanilla Cigars and Prince Albert Soft Sweet Vanilla Cigars. These Prince Albert cigars are available in convenient and portable packs of 5 and showcase an unparalleled flavor profile. 

Try Prince Albert Tobacco Now

So there you have it! Now you’re aware of everything that you could ever want to know about the Prince Albert product line. So what’s the best way to really get to know this tobacco? Well, we recommend trying it in your pipe! 

After all, nothing can quite compare to the rich, delicately sweet, and mellow flavors found in Prince Albert Tobacco. To try this tobacco yourself, just check out BluegrassTobacco.com, a top-rated online seller of Prince Albert products! 

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